It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”-Muhammad Ali 

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce and congratulate our second class of CLUBHOUSE Scholarship Recipients! With the endorsement of their community, these seventh grade students have exemplified commitment to bettering themselves and their community through service and education.

Sheni Primary School (Mutare, Zimbabwe)      Rujeko Primary School (Mutare, Zimbabwe)

1. 1. Joseph Mapfunde (Boy)                                    1. Takudzwa Gwede (Boy)

2. Prosper Matinyadze (Boy)                                    2. Tendai Finhai (Boy)

3. Elijah Munyika (Boy)                                             3. Waraidzo Taremedzwa (Girl)

4. Beatrice Chaoma (Girl)                                         4. Amy Nyakudya (Girl)

5. Lorraine Siminyoka (Girl)                                      5. Stella Shumba (Girl)

In addition, we have added ten CLUBHOUSE scholarship recipients who, even without receiving the scholarships, will be working closely with our team to grow as students and leaders within their community. As such, we hereby congratulate:

Sheni Primary School                                                  Rujeko Primary School

1. Carlton Demba ( Boy)                                                   1. Spencer Mugari (Boy)

2. Takunda Muyambo (Boy)                                              2. Divine Muchafa (Boy)

3. Natasha Kaliwa (Girl)                                                    3. Takunda Mwanema (Boy)

4. Primrose Chigome (Girl)                                                4. Tafadzwa Muchirahondo,(Boy)

5. Charlene Magano (Girl)                                                 5. Tadiwanashe Muchayi (Girl)

We wish you all the best and we know you will continue make your schools, your families, community, CLUBHOUSE International and yourselves proud. We look forward to your continued academic and social success.

We would also like to especially thank all those of you who contributed and made the scholarships and support possible. Special thanks goes to Miss K. Tabaziba, who sat with our team as our guest candidate selection expert this year.

Zvirambe zvakadaro!

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