Sincere Condolences (And A Heartwarming Moment)

Rest in Power, GogoThe CLUBHOUSE family extends the most heartfelt of condolences to Alex and Aleck Kuhudzai, two of our founders, who recently lost their grandmother.
If you know the twins, or know Dangamvura, then you know “Mbuya veMaTwins”. She belongs in the tradition of triumphant grandparents who assumed parenthood of the grandkids (commonplace in Dangamvura, for many reasons. She triumphed, and her success is on show daily by the exceptional men the twins she single handedly raised have become.

The CLUBHOUSE Difference

In the aftermath of her passing, the twins had to from Cape Town (SA) to Mutare for her funeral.
Upon arrival, they were greeted by the CLUBHOUSE scholars, who came to their childhood home (and gathering place) to offer their condolences. And we had nothing to do with it- that was all the initiative of the students and the school staff that work with CLUBHOUSE.
That enduring sense of community and compassion. Priceless.

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