Boitshoko Molefhi (US)

Boitshoko attained his BSc in Microbiology from Michigan State University and has recently completed a BA in Public Policy from the same institution. During his tenure there, he worked as a research assistant in both fields of study contributing to ground-breaking work in drug discovery in the fight against tuberculosis, and collegiate curriculum design respectively. he has worked for multiple organizations, from start-ups to established universities in sustainable policy frameworks design, policy assessment, as well as inter-organizational quality assurance standardization policy. Combining his acumen from both fields, his current interest is understanding the importance of the microbiome as human civilizations modernize. Agriculture is particularly important in this respect because micro-organism ecosystems can make or break productivity. As such, he pursues ways to find synergy between these ecosystems and technology – and more importantly, the possible health implications as a consequence of this interaction. He currently holds the position of ‘Business Development Strategist’ at XB Keakopa Explore (Botswana), where he facilitates strategy to create innovate ways for SMMEs to expand their market imprint in Botswana and ultimately in the global arena. In addition to this, he is pursuing his masters degree in public policy at Michigan State University.