Founded in 2011, CLUBHOUSE International is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance African communities through education, sport and community service 


To facilitate the rejuvenation of communal pride and development of well-rounded citizens among young men and women in impoverished African communities.


 The mission of CLUBHOUSE International is to encourage scholarship, community service, leadership, and well-rounded citizenry among Zimbabwean young men and women. Through academic scholarships, volunteering engagements, cultural exchange programs and extracurricular activities, CLUBHOUSE aims to re-instill the individual and communal hope and pride that have been eroded by decades of social decay.


  • To instill and rebuild a sense of service and pride in Zimbabwe’s grassroots communities

CLUBHOUSE International aims to implant the idea of community service early on in life. By promoting service through scholarships, mentoring, and partnership with different organizations in Zimbabwe and abroad, we ignite the communal pride that has been extinguished by poverty, disease and other vice over time

  • To provide a positive influence for children in impoverished communities.

It has become universally recognized that mentors and positive figures to look up to are paramount for the growth and development of young people. With a majority of founders, directors and staff that have grown up in the same environment as the students, our hope is that the example they have set resonates with the students. Through bringing in esteemed guests to talk to the students as well as encouraging past scholarship recipients and ambassadors to mentor the others, CLUBHOUSE is able to provide competent influential figures in the community.

  • To provide impoverished youth with opportunities at extracurricular development

Our aim is to harness the plentiful young energy that often goes under-utilized due to a lack of resources, into an organized and productive force. By providing a controlled atmosphere in which students can play games and partake in the pastimes they enjoy already, we provide a healthy alternative lifestyle while building community. When everything is summed up, the program is essentially to benefit the society by producing well-rounded individuals who will serve it diligently.

  • To encourage partnerships between entities around the world towards philanthropy

At CLUBHOUSE, we pride ourselves in our emphasis in seeking partners from around the world to help further our mission. Whether it be in partnering with Zimbabwean schools, seeking out Pen Pals for them among American schools and student-centered organizations, or merely encouraging the establishment of like-minded organizations to pick up the work in other communities, we believe that our work will only be successful if we have as many hands as possible on it.

  • To open up career  and leadership doors for young people

The ultimate goal of CLUBHOUSE International is to raise a generation of young Africans who are academically focused and competent, resolutely proud, and dedicated to the success of their communities. In our march towards this goal, we will be working closely with the students towards their development as leaders, workers, and well-rounded citizens in their community.