By Musa Milupi (Executive Director- CLUBHOUSE USA)

Think back to the days of our earlier existence on the places we call our motherland; our early childhood days. when we played outside with no shame and enjoyed every blessing that mother nature threw our way. As kids in our early teens, we went outside and made the world ours; we played and our minds allowed us to imagine a world with no limitations. If our minds took us outside to play, that is exactly where we would be.

As children, we pictured ourselves in situations that exposed our ambitious intentions; whether out on the sports field during our physical education class, in the classroom wondering how to navigate through what we saw on the computer screen, or in the science lab amazed by the chemical reactions that occurred and wondering what the next step is. Our minds never ceased to explore and the more our minds told us that we could be and do whatever our hearts desired, the bigger our dreams grew.

Whether they are from developed or developing countries, all children have dreams and all children are ambitious. Those dreams, however, only last for as long as there is hope to keep the fire burning, to keep the dream alive; hope that enables tremendously intelligent and hardworking kids in the most unfortunate situations to hold on to their dreams because a better future lies ahead. This is the hope that CLUBHOUSE International is bringing to the children in Zimbabwe that need the extra help that every other successful person needed.

By reaching out and serving the communities and kids in Zimbabwe, and providing opportunities that otherwise would not arise, CLUBHOUSE is restoring and enhancing the sense of belief in the lives of the kids and their families. The scholarship program gives the kids the chance to take a computer class normally only accessible to the financial elite. Through this philanthropic journey, the children are inspired to continue to work hard and serve their communities; to continue believing in whom they are and what they stand for.

We never stop dreaming or aspiring to do better and be better, and imagine ourselves in places that our minds have already taken us to. But it is what is done to make those dreams come true that really counts. Children always have dreams and the dreams of a child are the life of a community. As CLUBHOUSE continues to whole heartedly serve them and their communities, we see it as our purpose to bring hope to that life.     

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