Another Successful Bowling Fundraiser

On Friday, May 11th, we collaborated with the Alumni Network of West Michigan (Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity) for the 4th annual Bowling for a Cause outing.

This event was the biggest one yet, and featured a fun raffle and auction which raised more than $300 combined! All together, we were able to raise $605 on the day, and a further $670 for the entire campaign. Some of the money has already gone towards the second term fees in Zimbabwe, while the rest will go towards this year’s festival.

We especially want to thank our sponsors, listed below. Please click on their links to see their respective pages

Sigma Lambda Beta Alumni Network of West Michigan

Wenger’s Bowl (Grand Rapids)


Mayan Buzz Cafe

Mixed Roots Collective

(to see pictures from the event, visit the CLUBHOUSE facebook page here)

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