What Students Have Been Up To During Lockdown

With current circumstances, it’s been more difficult than usual to keep track of what our young scholars and citizens have been up to. We’ve been able to hear from a few of them to see how they’re handling #Lockdown and #Covid19 in general. Here are a few reports

“As we know teenage life teenage activities have been terminated, but this is what I have been up to. As reality  sank,  i glued myself to all entertainment  in my parent’s  household,from movie,music streaming till all became repetitive  and then with boredom injected into me I realized that schooling and academic  hormones would soon disappear from me. No matter  how hard I strived to grasp my study material the absence of my teachers and classmates still knocked  the sense that corona virus  pandemic had stopped  the realities  of  normal life. I can honestly confess  that my daily routine is now on an  early jogging session from house to the Dangamvura Provincial Heroes Acre Hill; reading which still I have to acclimatize to,cooking ,laundry,taking an afternoon nap,watching television shows. My only hope is for Jesus to eradicate  this diseases so we can resume our normal lives”- Audrey  Saunyama (Form 1)“During this “coronavirus holiday”, I have been experimenting new things which I never did before. One of those things is gardening. I’m using my knowledge from school into practise and the results surely shows that the Agriculture ‘A’ I had at O’ level was well deserving. The output is very pleasing. Besides gardening, as a kid who wants a bright future, I’m continuing doing my school work with an aid of online learning, which have been very fruitful.”- Vusimusi Kanyenze (Form 5)

“Since the lockdown started due to an outbreak of covid-19, I had already made an itinerary but it was too late to shut the stable when the horses have already bolted.As for now i am just an onlooker to human beings moving up and down but I sometimes help my grandmother fetch firewood in the woods. I always give myself an outcry because of going to school.Even the religion I believe in, it is closed and I also miss the community services we used to have as CLUBHOUSE team and the festival we were supposed to hold this year.As for now I and my family put trust in God and we do have an orthodox that everything is going to turn back to normal as it was in the beginning, thank you.”- Angel Kudakwashe Sikimarira (form 1)“The COVID -19 “holiday” is horrible but I’m trying very hard to do my schoolwork and I’m Jogging everyday to maintain healthy body. I’m also doing things that I didn’t do regularly like reading the bible n also gardening using the knowledge I aquired at school as an Agriculture student..n I’m also playing football a lot due to lack of things to do.” Taku M Gwede (Form 5)

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