The JDIA boys hand over some of the donated shoes to CLUBHOUSE representativesOn July 19, 2013, CLUBHOUSE International hosted the first ever CLUBHOUSE Festival in Dangamvura, Mutare. The event itself was a resounding success; we will talk a little more about that in our next installment.

In the weeks leading up to the event, CLUBHOUSE partnered with Just Do It Again Hoops (JDIA Hoops), a Grand Rapids-based non profit aimed at teaching the values of “education, teamwork, personal integrity, and commitment, through the game of basketball.”

The most beautiful thing about this partnership was how JDIA boys stepped up and undertook the philanthropic and educational opportunity of a lifetime. They designed the t-shirts that would be worn by both them and their CLUBHOUSE counterparts in Zimbabwe. They collected shoes to be donated. They wrote letters and took pictures (all these on the backdrop of an amazing basketball season!)

Lest we do the experience a disservice, here is the planning experience through the eyes of young JDIA player Peyton Harley,

“This summer I had the opportunity to work with the leaders of Clubhouse International to help put together a shoe drive and to also make a tshirt that represented both our club Just do it again hoops and the kids from Club house international. The experience was is something I wont forget, it helped me to realize how you help others, and how together we can help each other. My teamates and I got to send shoes to the boys for their soccer tournament and also send the shirts that we designed over to the kids. It really made me feel proud  to know that I could help put a smile on the boys faces and to know that I helped to make their tournament a success. I hope to be able to keep in contact with some of the boys and I loved seeing all the pictures of them with their shoes and shirts”

Thank you Payton, and we wish you and your teammates a wonderful season!

In coming weeks, we will be featuring more pieces about the phenomenal CLUBHOUSE festival from our directors, students in Zimbabwe and other members of the community. Stay tuned!

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