By guest contributor Tawanda Mberi

(As quoted from his recent posting on Facebook)

My new hero is officially “Gunners” Mtisi, a combi driver from Mount Pleasant. Mr Mtisi picked up my phone a week and a half ago in Mount Pleasant. My battery was dead so out of the goodness of his heart he bought a charger with money out of his own pocket and charged my phone. Naturally when I called and heard my phone was unavailable the next day I assumed the worst and didn’t bother calling anymore. 

Apparently he had kept the phone charged everyday for a week and a half assuming I would eventually call and claim the phone. Today my uncle tried to call me and had forgotten that I had changed lines and got through to Mr Mtisi who told him to let me know he had my phone. 15 minutes at Ximex and he probably would have made more than what I could afford to give him as a token of appreciation (chakachaya – long time since payday). 

Long story short, he showed a kindness that I thought had long left us as a people. Imagine if we had 14 million Gunners Mtisi’s in Zimbabwe, it would be a very different country I imagine. God bless him..

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