You will never forget your first time.

The nerves of the first day of school. The feeling of apparent ‘wealth’ after your first pay-check. The stomach butterflies of your first love. The surreal experience of seeing your favorite band performing on stage for the first time.

That feeling is decidedly unrivaled. Chances are we’ll go on to experience much bigger and better things than the first time. You will go on to be a CEO, marry the person you were supposed to, graduate with several degrees; and yet there will always be a place in the depths of your heart reserved for those ‘first’ moments.

This month, we bid farewell to the first ever group of CLUBHOUSE Scholarship recipients as they go on to pursue their high school career. These eleven students have been the epitome of everything we hoped our ambassadors would be. They have shorn in the classroom, in the community and on the sports field.

God willing, CLUBHOUSE will last long enough to see thousands of students receive scholarships from us. The CLUBHOUSE festival will eventually become the go-to calendar event of Mutare, and duplicates will spring up all across the country and the continent. In all that, our hearts and mind will never forget the First Eleven CLUBHOUSE Ambassadors:

Moreblessing Jaricha
Richard Areferi
Rachel Nyanyira
Innocent Sozungu
Tadiwanashe Mutindiyani
Panashe Manyadza
Blessing Bangani
Adrian Masunde
Blessing Chpiunza
Patience Chikutirwe
Tapfuma Manyengwa

While the CLUBHOUSE scholarship may be up for them, we promise to stay in touch with the ambassadors and assist them with mentoring, career planning among other things. They are forever the CLUBHOUSE Family.

As a farewell, we will be assisting the outgoing scholarship recipients with stationery purchases as they head out to high school. You can contribute to that cause by donating to this link!

Thank you

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