Ms Ever Chinoda, Dr Tawanda Zinyandu and Mr. Zviko Sithole, our newest directors in ZImbabwe, meet with the studentsOn November 29th 2014, our Zimbabwean Board of Directors drove down to Mutare to spend the day with the CLUBHOUSE students and their parents. Below are the highlights of the trip, as detailed by the Zimbabwean Executive Director

“…This was the first time that more than one board member had visited the students at the same time. It was also the first time for the other two board members, Dr Tawanda Zinyandu and Miss Ever Chinoda, where visiting the kids and their parents and taking part in any CLUBHOUSE mandate. For Mr Sithole, it was the first time he was coming back to the community that he has served so well in his previous capacity as Volunteer Projects manager, as one of the directors. There was also a sense of anxiety that since we ran a bit late, maybe we would find everyone gone home, but we had made all the necessary calls to notify the parents and kids of our predicament

We arrived in Mutare after midday an headed straight for Dangamvura where we found everyone waiting for us. The parents had been very patient and Mr Godo had provided some refreshments for them as they waited.

As soon we as we got there we went straight into it. The lady teacher who was hosting us at Rujeko Primary School opened  with a prayer and then handed the program to Mr Godo who welcomed us and also apologised to all who had waited for the delay that we had caused by coming late. Mr Godo introduced myself(Mr Nyasha Matavire) to come and address the parents and the kids. I explained to everyone present that this was a trip that had been organised so that the brand new Zimbabwe board would meet the children that they serve and also their parents. It was also a trip designed to get feedback from the parents, on the areas that we should improve or work together to make sure that the kids got the best out of this CLUBHOUSE scholarship and ambassadors program.

After introducing the other 3 board members it was then time to divide the parents and kids into 2 groups, with one group constituting the kids and then the other constituting the parents. Dr Tawanda Zinyandu and Miss Ever Chinoda took the group with the kids while Mr Zviko Sithole and Mr Nyasha Matavire took the group with the parents.

In the group with the parents, we started by asking the parents about the impact that CLUBHOUSE was having on their kids and the ways that they think that if we conduct ourselves in that way, the kids would get more from CLUBHOUSE, we received a lot of positive responses and also some positive criticism as well. It was an eye opening session and we realised that moving forward, these meetings with parents have to be done regurlary if we are to get the best of these kids.

Dr Tawanda and Miss Chinoda held one on one sessions with the kids just to get to know them and hear their stories and also to share their own stories with the kids. They also took the time to take photos and video clips with the kids (coming soon!)

Before we left we also took video testimonials from some of the parents. It was also encouraging that two students from our ambassadors who are nolonger on scholarship as they are now in High School were also present, together with their parents and the parents urged us to continue monitoring these kids and not forget about them just because they are now in High school.

After compiling a data base of everyone who was present, it was time to head back to Harare. All in all it was a very positive trip and one could tell by the ideas that were being thrown around by the board members on the way back, that this trip had made everyone really excited.”

Stay tuned for more pictures, videos, and testominials from the trip!
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