Pride, Discipline, And Learning: Conversations With Shingi Mavima

July was an unusally busy month for us this year! Beginning with our Service Day early in the month and the annual CLUBHOUSE Festival on the 15th, the mentoring workshop on the 29th capped off a memorable season for the CLUBHOUSE Family.

Having been unable to make it back to Zimbabwe in time for this year’s festival, Founder and International Director Mr. Shingi Mavima was able to sculpt some time to meet with the CLUBHOUSE ambassadors and scholars during his Mutare visit two weeks later.

During the workshop, Mr. Mavima spoke to the students on the values that had both been instrumental in the birth and growth of CLUBHOUSE, and important in his own personal and professional life. In summation, these were:

Respect: Beyond just respect for elders. Respect for your peers, the underprivileged, and respect for those who can do nothing for you. Respect for the environment, for time, and for your surroundings.

Pride: Without being arrogant, have a healthy regard for yourself and that which belongs to you. Your class, your school, your community, your language, your team: they are beyond the best in the world; they are yours. Nothing is better than what is yours.

Discipline: Simply defined, discipline is the price you pay to make your dreams come true. Not all will understand or support your mission, but it is incumbent upon you to see it through.

Confidence: Not unrelated to pride, it is important that you hold your head high and speak loud and proud about who you are and what ought to be yours.

Learning: Always be open to learning new things. From anyone. Indeed, one piece of conventional wisdom reads, “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there,you will see even farther.”

The event culminated in the students getting their Certificates of Service, and with Mr. Mavima donating to the libraries of either school his recently published poetry anthology, The Mirage of Days Old.

(you can see some of the pics from the event  here!)

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