How many times must you do something before it becomes a tradition?

I know, I know- there is no quantifiable way of answering that satisfactorily; but let’s venture some arguments. The first time is just that; an event. The second time earns it some sort of continuity; albeit still shaky. For example, it is the second year that makes it an “annual” event. The next couple of years ,you establish yourself.

Let me posit here that, perhaps, it is the fifth time of reckoning upon which that event, occurring routinely, becomes a tradition. Mere ruminations, but nevertheless…

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the CLUBHOUSE Festival, and it was one to remember! The event, garnished with an air of elaborate culture, featured songs, traditional dancing, poems, speeches and, of course, the customary soccer match between Sheni and Rujeko Primary School, the latter walking away victors for the third year in a row.

The Festival was remarkable for another reason: founder and current international director, Mr. Shingi Mavima, was back home and celebrating his 30th birthday that same week (his actual birthday, two days prior, was spent at the pre-festival community service event with the CLUBHOUSE Scholars).

Mr. Mavima joins the CLUBHOUSE Scholars in serving the Dangamvura community

Special thanks to Ms. Duri and the team at Sheni Primary School for pulling no punches in making this tradition-making ceremony arguably the best one yet! Thank you to the Dangamvura community, and our friends around the world who help fund the festival, for your undying support.

Here is to a long-lasting tradition. Here is to five more years. And then some…

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