Directorial Visit

The following is a brief account by Mr. Matavire (exec director-Zim) of his most recent visit to our partner schools.

“We started with Rujeko where we met the head, who was very happy to see us as usual, we also had a chat with Mai Nyatoti. They have a new program where they feed grade 1s and 2s, we had the priviledge of being served some of that food and we ate together with the head. Sadza and chunks, it was surprisingly delicious.

We talked about the festival, date will only be talked about after they see their sports calendar, but somewhere towards the end of July, or early August.*We then moved on to Sheni where we met the head as well, and one of the teachers we have always worked with. We also talked about the festival. We then paid Mdara Godo a visit, who has lots of ideas concerning the festival. From involving netball which would be played same time as the main soccer match to having a new banner etc. We then went to St Dominics (High School)where we just paid the fees and left.It was a good trip, and we are excited for the rest of the year!

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