Fifth #BowlForACause Event The Biggest One Yet!

Since 2014, CLUBHOUSE International has partnered with the Alumni Network of West Michigan (Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity), for a bowling outing to raise funds for our cause. While #BowlForACause 1-4 were all excepional, this year’s event- held on March 24th- was particularly memorable. Not only did we see the most in-kind donations for raffle prizes and auction items, we also raised the most money in the event’s history (on the night and throughout the season.)

The well attended event- held at Wenger’s Bowl in Grand Rapids- ultimately raised $675 on the night. This was $70 more than last year’s total, and more than double that of two years ago. In addition, this year’s #BowlforaCause fundraising season had already raised $1000, bringing the season’s total to $1675, more than $400 more than our previous biggest total from last year. For full context, the average cost to send a primary student in Zimbabwe to school for a year is $100(US). Thus, the amount we raised potentially puts 17 children in school for the year.*

All smiles from this year’s winners!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this year’s success is because of the several sponsors- corporate and individual, who donated bowling and raffle prizes, as well as auction items. This was the most lucrative (and arguably, most fun) part of the evening. Thank you to the following for their sponsorship.

Links are to the sponsors’ websites or social media sites: if you’re reading this, please visit, ‘like’ and ‘follow’, as well as support this businesses- many of them small- whose kindness is helping sustain our cause!

The #BowlforaCause Organizing Committee Thanks You!

To see all the other pictures from our fundraiser, visit the link below!

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