Recognizing Our Donors

In January this year, we made it 20 consecutive terms of funding students in Dangamvura through our scholarship program. 20. As a completely volunteer-run program, we could not have done a single thing without your support. While we acknowledge that every dollars goes a long way, and also acknowledge that the non-monetary assistance we continue to receive is every bit (and at times, even more) valuable to our cause, we would like to take this specific moment to take some of our more consistent and bigger donors.

The awards are broken into four tiers, recognizing those who have given between $100 and $499 under the silver tier. $500 to $999 under the Gold tier, and $1000+ for the platinum tier. (Where we are able to reach the donors by physical or electronic mail, certificates of recognition will be sent soon).

Platinum Donors

Alumni Network of West Michigan
Peter Mason
Dr. Shingi Mavima
Carlton and Jacqueline Wourman
Timothy Ziegler

Gold Donors

CLUBHOUSE International Fantasy League
Don Aikens
Norton Shores Targer
Richard and Kathy Sweers

Silver Donors

Anastasia Lange                                      Bruce and Denise Gilbert
Joel and Annie Lemmer                            Carlton D. Wourman
Megan Persons                                       Rhoda Klomega
Colleen Northouse                                  African Student Council
Simba Charandurah                                Forest Dance Festival
Heather Saarinen                                   Fungai Mboko
Michelle Mavima                                     Julie Lemmer
Michael and Karen Constantino                Bernard Moore
Yakem Kurban                                        Ngonidzashe Mpofu
Grand Valley African Student Council         Musa Milupi
Michael and Joann Sting                           Tears of Hope
Sam Lemmer                                          Nyasha Juta

Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support!

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