Vumba Mountains Trip

In celebration of one of the most challenging, yet most successful, years we have had, the CLUBHOUSE (Zim) family took a break and drove down to take in the mystical natural beauty that is the Vumba Mountains! Below is a brief report by one of the CLUBHOUSE students, Amy Nyakudya (now in Form 4)

“On 23 November ,all the CLUBHOUSE members went on a trip to Vumba to celebrate and introspect.There were the form 4s and grade 7s led by some  teachers from Rujeko and Sheni, as well as the CLUBHOUSE leaders including Mr Godo.During the Trip we went to an Inn called White Horse.We did not do many activities but we just looked around and took some pictures. After that ,we then went to Eden Lodge where we did some activities.The students and some teachers played Volleyball while others walked around photographing the area and others were playing funny games. After that ,we gathered around and our leaders taught the youngsters about the challenges they face in life and the solutions to solve them.When this was over we  headed home.”

Glad everyone had a good and safe time, and we hope this is the first of many such getaways!(You can see more pics from the trip here!)

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