Welcoming New Board Members

By Nyasha Matavire (Executive Director, CLUBHOUSE Zim)

As many of you may know, we have been around for quite some time now, and we believe that it is time to move on to the next level, increase our visibility and impact. As such, we are honored to have Robert Mutyasira and Vimbainashe Meda joining our team! We believe that these two with their experience and muscle in the sector that we operate in are a step in the right direction.

Vimbainashe Meda

Vimbainashe has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Law from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a Master’s degree in Women’s Law from the University of Zimbabwe. While working as a Program Officer for Musasa, the leading nonprofit in Zimbabwe addressing gender based violence, she gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of prevention and response to violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Through her work managing the direct services department made up of counselling, shelters and legal services she acquired in depth understanding of the challenges faced by women in family structures as well as the impediments to women’s access to justice in gender based violence cases.

Robert Mutyasira

Robert Mutyasira is an astute entrepreneur having run businesses for the last 25 years. He has vast experience in the motor industry , transport , fuel logistics and real estate. He has studied Bachelor of Commerce , Banking and Finance and is currently studying BSc Development Studies . He has worked with young people of all ages and social status motivating them into tackling life issues with knowledge and precision. In 2018 he was the recipient of the International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation award in recognition of his endeavors in building the young generation. Robert is a sought after life coach in many schools in the country as he has left many young people with indelible life lessons. He will add value to CLUBHOUSE with his experience in dealing with young people educating , inspiring and directing them into formidable members of society with aspirations of global influence and positioning, He is married to Bekezela and they have 2 kids.

Learn more about these two motivational leaders, and the rest of our team in Zimbabwe here!)

Welcome to the team, and we are honored to have you!

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