Directors’ Visit (September 2021)

The Covid 19 season has been tough and inconvenient for most, and it has been no different for CLUBHOUSE. For the second year now, most of our programs have been put on hold. As such, it was exciting when we finally got the opportunity to travel from Harare to Mutare to visit the kids; something we have not been able to do due to lockdowns and intercity travel restrictions.

Executive director of CLUBHOUSE (Zimbabwe), Mr Matavire, arrived in Mutare on the 16th of September and immediately went to Sakubva High school with programs director Mr Mangenje. There, they met with two of our students who are sitting for their Advanced (A) Level exams this term. The students got masks and sanitizers, and Mr Matavire took the time to give them a small pep talk, encouraging them to study hard and make us all proud. They then visited the Finhai residence, where they met another one of our kids sitting for his A Level exams. Finding both parents at home was the icing on the cake and they had a wonderful time interacting with the family and discussing the future of the child.

The following morning saw the team heading first to Sheni primary school where they met all ten students under our scholarship and five who represent us as ambassadors. With so much time lost during the year, it was encouraging to see the teachers and students already in exam preparation mode and there was an atmosphere of urgency around the place. The team distributed masks and sanitizers to both the students and teachers, together with words of encouragement in light of the imminent exams. The team also took the time to present copies of Pashena, a Dangamvura-based book written by our Executive director, Dr. Shingi Mavima and donated to raise funds for our cause, to the school library.

They then moved on to Rujeko Primary school where they first met the deputy head for a brief, then moved on to see the ten students under scholarship and their teachers. Again the sense of purpose and urgency in preparation for the exams was evident and the team wasted no time distributing the masks and sanitizers. Copies of Pashena were also presented for use in the school library.

To complete the day, the team made a stop at St Dominic’s High to meet one of our A level students. They almost missed him because, so eager to see them, the student left the premises as soon as school had ended to try and meet them in town. Thankfully they managed to spot him a short distance from the school. He got his share of masks and sanitizer and assured the team that he was working hard to be ready for the exams.

After that it was time for Mr Matavire to say goodbye to Mutare. We are glad to also announce that despite all the schools we deal with increasing their fees by more than 100%, we have managed to pay for every child under our banner in full. None of that would have been possible without your donations to this cause. 


(You can see all the photos from the event here:

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