Back to Normalcy: Director’s Visit to Dangamvura (October 2022)

Directors, Students, Volunteers and Teachers

On the 14th of this month we were in Dangamvura, Mutare, to check in with the new cohort of kids we have taken into the fold this year (we have paid off the school fees for the three terms this year, but had not had the chance to spend time with the students as a board.) We had a refreshingly good time with them and their teachers, and we also broke bread.

The meeting/workshop took place at Sheni Primary School, and kids from Sheni and Rujeko primary school took part. We started at 1pm and after a short song and prayer by Ms Duri(the teacher responsible for CLUBHOUSE students at Sheni), I was given an opportunity to give my presentation. I gave them a brief history of our cause and how we came to be, I then welcomed them into the fold and took quite some time to explain to them what it means to be a CLUBHOUSE ambassador and what is expected of them. We then made a deliberate effort to make the kids from the two schools befriend each other by putting them in pairs(one child from Sheni paired with another from Rujeko) and then gave them time to take a walk together around the school grounds sharing their backgrounds and stories. This was in an effort to encourage this group to work and plan their programs as one rather than what has been previously the case where kids from each school did their things separately.

CLUBHOUSE Executive Director, Mr. Nyasha Matavire, Breaks down
the Meaning & Mission of CLUBHOUSE International

After this, Mr Mangenje and Miss Mashingaidze, our persons on the ground in Mutare served everyone with some fries and chicken. Kudos to the two for arranging a flawless program and making sure that both schools participated.

After food we posed for a few pics, dismissed and it was time for me to head back to Harare, revived and excited for the future.

Then, of course, we break bread!

(See more pics from the event here!)

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