Highs and Lows: Director’s Visit to Schools (March 2023)

In March this year, CLUBHOUSE Executive Director, Mr Matavire together with the programs manager, Mr Mangenje, made courtesy calls on the schools that we are in partnership with. The aim was to meet the school heads and discuss ways to strengthen our relations and how best to serve our communities post Covid. The board felt that it was important to formalise a restart of our programs as most of our activities were greatly affected by the pandemic.

First call was Rujeko Primary school where we met the deputy head. After getting a brief on how our scholarship recipients and ambassadors are doing, we announced our eagerness to start workshops and also to relaunch out annual festival. The deputy head welcomed these development and expressed his and the head’s growing worry that school kids are become more and more wild especially in this post pandemic period. Last year, a grade 7 girl wrote exams while pregnant, something that had never been seen at the school. He emphasised the importance of CLUBHOUSE and its programs in curbing some of these things.

We then proceeded to Sheni primary where we met the school head. We talked about how the kids were doing and upcoming projects and programs. The head then took us on a tour of their recently completed Early Childhood Development (ECD) block which is now waiting commissioning. We congratulated him and the school on the job well done as most public primary schools in the country are yet to build ECD blocks.

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