New Friends in the Fight Against Drug Abuse

Thursday 9 November saw us back in Mutare once more for our end-of-year workshop with our students from Rujeko and Sheni Primary school. For this term’s edition we partnered with an organisation based in Kadoma, Bringing Joy-Love-Life. Our theme was Drugs and substance abuse.

Rujeko Primary school hosted us for this event and the program started at 12pm. The team from Bringing Joy-Love-Life did not disappoint in their presentations and their ability to bring maximum engagement from the students is top notch. The pupils were engaged from the word go. Through their contributions we could tell that students are being exposed to drugs from very tender ages, most of them could describe the various drugs on the streets and how they are taken. There were also small gifts and presents for the students who participated in the discussions, this created an atmosphere of excitement and it was good vibes all over the place. Some important lessons on how to avoid drugs, how to help peers and family already involved with drug abuse and where to go to get help where learnt.

Bringing Joy. Love. Life also took the opportunity to launch their new program called The homework Club where they help kids with online tutoring lessons and their homework. Its a noble project and the team at CLUBHOUSE pledged to try and chip in with other consumables like data for the kids to make it a success.

The whole workshop went well and it is something that the students will remember for a long time. We were treated to a light lunch and drinks and thats always a highlight.

We thank our friends at Bringing Joy. Love. Life for the job well done and for making the round trip trip all the way from Kadoma just to inspire our students. We look forward to more partnerships in the future.

See the rest of the pictures from the event by clicking here.

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